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New techniques for thickening hair

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Those who suffer from hair loss and want to proceed with a thickening should know that there are to do it non-surgical systems that include all methods that allow you to re-thicken a bald scalp thinned or non-invasively. To thicken the hair in fact may be used wigs, hairpieces or hairpieces: however, these products are relatively low cost, ready to wear with aesthetic effects generally poor because the hair will have an effect mostly unnatural. A second solution for the thickening of hair can be the use of hair prostheses, also called hair systems in contact with the skin or hair systems integrated installations or non-surgical hair: more sophisticated products, tailor-made depending on the thinning Hair to be treated and dell'infoltimento desired. In any type of thickening nonsurgical hair cut because they do not grow, and then devitalized, whether of human origin, or inorganic because, if they are synthetic. The non-surgical systems are preferred in case of temporary alopecia (chemotherapy or drug therapies, falling hair postpartum or after very restrictive diets).

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